Why Us.

Our home town – Aveiro – offered the world many of the greatest technological advances of the 21st century in the field of telecommunications.

Our young and skilled team follows the path of innovation and Excellency aiming to provide our customers with an unique service based on world-class capabilities while keeping unmatched customer proximity.


This innovation
is the genesis
of today's work.

Where we are.

Since 40 years ago and until today.

» University of Aveiro, with high credibility in the history of electronic engineering and telecommunications.
» Telecommunications Institute.
» Electronic Development Center of the largest telecommunications operator in Portugal.


Be part of this team!


We are a Portuguese company dedicated to service delivery in the field of electronic production (EMS). From the beginning in 1996, we have been concentrating an unique know-how acquired through our intense experience in the production of new technologies which characterizes the sector of telecommunications. This innovation is the genesis of today's work.


Our mission is to provide specialized services in the field of electronics and telecomunications and assembly of components over Print Circuit Boards, ensuring quality for both products and services through our professionalism and experience, and promoting adequate working conditions to our employees as well as full respect for the environment.


Consolidate ourselves as a reference company in the field of production of electronics with high quality standards and supported by the certification of our skills. Contribue to add value and support sustained growth of our customers.


In the end of 2015 we changed our production to the new facilities in the Industrial area of Mamodeiro - Aveiro - which are located 200 meters from the entry of A1 Motorway. The new facilities have more than 5,000 m2 of industrial area prepared for our activity in compliance with the highest industry standards.

We believe that this new production capacity and facility will overcome the needs and expectations of our customers for new projects. We aim to deliver the best quality service.

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